what will change to put an end to land invasions

what will change to put an end to land invasions

After Everton fans last invaded the pitch against Crystal Palace on Thursday night, the Premier League will take action to combat the phenomenon. Among these, reveals the Daily Mail, the use of specially trained “stewards sprinters”.

“Pitch invasions are a big problem and can lead to someone’s death. What will happen if a player is stabbed?” The concern expressed this Saturday by the former captain of Watford, Troy Deeney, in the columns of the Sun echoes that of the Premier League after the incidents which occurred Thursday evening at the end of the match between Everton and Crystal Palace (3-2).

Players assaulted, Vieira taken to task …

The Toffees supporters had invaded the lawn at the final whistle after the victory of their players, synonymous with keeping them in the elite of English football. Several incidents had taken place on the fringes of this invasion, leading to the arrest of three men by Merseyside police for having tried to enter the ground in possession of a smoke bomb or a firework, and of another man for disturbing public order. At the same time, Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira, provoked by an Everton fan, had sent the latter to the ground with a kick.

This invasion comes on top of that of Nottingham Forest fans against Sheffield United in the Premier League final on Tuesday night. Sheffield captain Billy Sharp was assaulted by supporter Robert Briggs for headbutting. The latter was sentenced Thursday to six months in prison with a 10-year stadium ban.

Stewards sprinters

To respond to these crowd phenomena appearing unexpectedly on the pitch, the Premier League intends to put in place measures. The first of these concerns the use of “stewards sprinters”, as explained by the Daily Mail. Each team has been told they must have “field runners”, i.e. quick-reacting stewards wearing appropriate footwear, whose sole purpose is to keep an eye on fans encroaching on the lawn and who are ready to intervene at any time.

The Premier League teams, before the last day of the championship on Sunday (multiplex to follow on RMC Sport), were also asked to identify the “most threatened areas” in order to best protect players and officials and to ensure that plans are clear to evacuate the lawn “in a safe and controlled manner”. Escorts and pre-determined exit routes should also be in place. Fans can also expect to hear audio prompts warning them of the consequences of running on the pitch.

New discussions must be held on the behavior of supporters at the end of the season between the clubs of the Premier League, the English Federation and the English Football League (EFL).

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