Why the 49ers Should NOT Extend Deebo Samuel

Why the 49ers Should NOT Extend Deebo Samuel

Extending Deebo Samuel could cost the 49ers a pretty penny.

In fact, I see it as a lock that Samuel and his camp will want around the $ 70 million guaranteed mark. The way the wide receiver market has played out this offseason along with an All Pro season from Samuel, all the momentum seems to be on his side.

However, the 49ers could easily feel reluctant in giving Samuel that high price of guarantees. That is where I see the 49ers drawing the line when it comes to a new deal for Samuel. Extending the 2021 All Pro is surely something they will want to do, but only at the right price. The 49ers have always had their own valuation of players and won’t exceed a price point that they deem way too much. Kind of like how the New England Patriots operate. Samuel could easily set that pricepoint to be vastly beyond what the 49ers deem as worth it.


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