L'insider phare d'ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski, vient de recevoir un nouveau contrat qui le voit désormais mieux rémunéré que certaines des plus grandes stars de la ligue

Woj breaks the bank, the crazy list of players paid less than him!

Possibly a free agent this summer, Adrian Wojnarowski was in a strong position in negotiations with ESPN. He took advantage of it, obtaining an ultra-consequent salary which now sees him better paid than some stars of the league!

While he should again animate the offseason by reporting the main information related to free agency, he himself was likely to find himself a free agent this summer. Insider starESPN since 2017, Adrian Wojnarowski had the opportunity to join the competition, and to negotiate a fabulous contract there. His courtiers were not lacking, with heavyweights such as The Athletic Where FOX Sports. It is finally another outcome that he chose.

Woj’ returns to ESPN for an insane amount

Visibly in search of stability, Wojnarowski preferred to ignore the active canvassing he had been the subject of for a few months. This Thursday, ESPN has indeed revealed that his journalist was preparing to continue their adventure within his current editorial staff. All without revealing, of course, the amount of his new contract, which quickly found itself at the heart of a major investigation.

ESPN has reached an agreement with veteran NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski on a multi-year extension.

A few hours after this announcement, Outkick revealed the underside of Woj’s new lease, including an 8-figure salary!

ESPN re-signed insiders Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski to multi-year contracts on Thursday. And according to Outkick sources, ESPN will pay each of them $10 million a year. The salaries of Woj and Schefter will therefore be between that of Stephen A. Smith ($12M) and Mike Greenberg ($6.5M).

By way of comparison, several big names in the NBA do not present such large emoluments at the present time. Some are, however, vying for some of the main individual accolades this season.

  • Ja Morant: $9,603,360
  • Jaren Jackson Jr.: $9,180,560
  • Kemba Walker: $8,729,020
  • Trae Young: $8,326,471
  • LaMelo Ball: $8,231,760
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: $5,495,532
  • Tyler Herro: $4,004,280
  • Nicholas Batum: $3,170,029

Not to mention the dozens of players with a minimum contract, like LaMarcus Aldridge, Malik Monk or Goran Dragic. Suffice to say that the Woj ‘will not have to worry financially for a few years, but that it could make some people jealous within the league!

Still as renowned on the NBA insider circuit, Adrian Wojnarowski reaped the rewards by signing a juicy new contract at ESPN. Even an MVP candidate like Ja Morant still isn’t as well regarded in Memphis!

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